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Android Version 8 and Higher (Sounds)

Android Version 8 and Higher (SOUNDS)

Android users using Version 8 and Higher you may have noticed you no longer have an option to select iSpyFire Sounds in the app. This was an update done by Android, to allow you to have complete control over your sounds so we thought we would show you how to maximize your sounds for the ISpyfire app, by having our sounds! That is if you want them. But because Android changed up your control settings you can have any sounds you can download to be a sound for Calls in iSpyFire Mobile!

Below is the step-by-step on how to get you all set up and ready with our iSpyFire sounds!

(STEP 1)
Go into your settings on your device.

(STEP 2)
alt text

(STEP 3)
Select the iSpyFire app.
alt text

(Step 4)
You will then see a list ...

CAD calls

Location-services (You can ignore this there is no need for sounds on the location services)



alt text

Here you will want to make sure each one is ON according to what you would like to receive notifications for.

Then when you jump into one of the 4 above, you will see IMPORTANCE and SOUND.

alt text

(Step 5)
Select IMPORTANCE and you will see a list.





BE SURE if you want notifications to select URGENT.

alt text

(Step 6)
Going back to the previous page you will then select Sound.

alt text

Here you will see a list of iSpyFire Sounds to choose from.
Select the sound for the type of notification, and you will be set!


We have found that if they do not appear in your settings, you can simply Uninstall the iSpyFire app, then Reinstall the app and they should be in your settings.

NOTE: The login information at the time of uninstallation will still be your current log in, it will not change. So use the same Email and Password.

If the sounds do not appear please visit this link here, and follow the steps below: Go to to download the sounds you want directly onto your device.

BEFORE you start you will need to download the "FILE MANAGER"app, If you don't already have the app.
alt text
Then Go to
Once you pick the sound you want...
Click on the name of the sound.

Then you will see the file, select the 3 dots to the far right.

alt text

Then you will see Download, select Download.

alt text

Then you will need to go to the "File Manager" app, select it.

alt text

alt text

Here you will see the sound you downloaded "ship_bell.mp3"
Hold down until you see that its been selected

alt text

Then you will see the 3 dots at the top of the screen, select that after you have selected the sound. Then select "Move To"

alt text

Then select "internal Storage"

alt text

Then find the notifications folder, select that folder.

alt text

Then you will see this, select "ok"

alt text

Then that's it! You have the sound in your sounds on your device.

Then follow Steps 1- 6 at the beginning of this page and you should be set!

If you have any other questions or need help feel free to call us here at iSpyFire.

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"Plans" feature COMING SOON!

What is "Plans"?
"Plans" is a new tab that will be coming soon in the Dashboard and in Mobile.

This new feature will allow your agency to have the freedom to make different types of "Plans" from Pre-Fire to Hazmat, and more.

Some pre-sets are:

Pre-Fire Hazmat Hazard Mass Casualty Critical Infrastructure Other

Here is a quick video about the new coming "Plans" feature, and how it works!

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How to clear "Call comments" with sensitive information (PSAPS Only)

The following is for PSAPS ONLY.

When dealing with information that does not need to be seen, or after the call has closed you can clear the comments in the "Actions tab" by selecting "Clear CAD Call Comments". This feature is only given to PSAPS.

NOTE! This deletes all the information in the CAD comments, and is not stored with iSpyFire.

This action can only be done within the 24hr period the call sits in the dashboard.

This action can be done on the mobile devices as well for the PSAP users.

Here you have a call you want to keep the information safe. Select the call to see the comments.

alt text

From here select the Actions tab.

alt text

Here you can see the option to " Clear CAD Call Comments" select that and the comments will be deleted.

alt text

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People tab in iSpyFire.

Here is a quick review of the "People" tab in iSpyFire.

After selecting "People" you will see 3 main things...

alt text

1.) "Create New" at the top. This is for new users more information can be found here Create A New User

2.) "Sign-In Sheet" here is a list of all the personal in your agency, you can print off the page and its all ready for an attendance count.

alt text

3.) A list of all personal in alphabetical order to last name.

From the people tab you can do many things.
By selecting a user you can reset a users password more can be found here at Reset A Users Password

Also you can disable a users login, more can be found here at Disable A Users Login

You can also update users information like home address, and phone number.

If you want to change a users email you will need to note somethings before hand if the user has multiple iSpyFire accounts (works for two agencies), so for more information on updating a persons email visit Notifications for Multiple Agencies + Fast Agency Switching for more info!

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