Here is a quick review of the "People" tab in iSpyFire.

After selecting "People" you will see 3 main things...

alt text

1.) "Create New" at the top. This is for new users more information can be found here Create A New User

2.) "Sign-In Sheet" here is a list of all the personal in your agency, you can print off the page and its all ready for an attendance count.

alt text

3.) A list of all personal in alphabetical order to last name.

From the people tab you can do many things.
By selecting a user you can reset a users password more can be found here at Reset A Users Password

Also you can disable a users login, more can be found here at Disable A Users Login

You can also update users information like home address, and phone number.

If you want to change a users email you will need to note somethings before hand if the user has multiple iSpyFire accounts (works for two agencies), so for more information on updating a persons email visit Notifications for Multiple Agencies + Fast Agency Switching for more info!