While some (or even most) calls are pumped into iSpyFire from your dispatch center, it is possible to create your own call (we call this a Live call).

Live calls go through the same workflow and process as a dispatch center call, however you are in complete control. To create a live call your user must have the Dashboard_live and Dashboard_live_edit ACL.

  1. Log into iSpyFire

  2. Go to the Dashboard

  3. Click on the new live call icon "Radio Tower"
    alt text Start to type in the nature for your call

    • A drop-down with frequently used natures will allow you to auto-complete
  4. Next, you may either start typing in a known place name or a street address

    • A drop-down with known place names or street addresses will allow you to auto-complete
  • If you use an auto-complete location, the icon will change from yellow to green
    live3 copy.png 6. Once you have finished filling out the form, simply click the "Create" button