Feature List

Server 2.1 and Mobile 1.3.4

Server and Mobile:

  • Messaging / Inbox
  • Map updates
  • Display radio logs if available
  • Nearest hydrant displayed on map if available
  • Call history fixes
  • Call routing fixes
  • Numerous small fixes

Server Updates:

  • ERS interface (beta)
  • Hydrant tracking via map layer
  • Reports (beta)

Mobile Updates:

  • Multiagency sound saving
  • Law and EMS agency branding update
  • Data usage improvements

Here are some additional details on each feature:

Messaging and Inbox

  • Send and receive messages similar to a chat application. Use your message groups to send them to multiple people at once. Attach a poll to a message to get feedback on whatever you would like.

Map Updates

  • We fixed some issues when routing on single call screens. Your map should zoom and adjust to keep you and your incident on screen. Also fixed an issue that caused some jerking when routing.

Radio Logs

  • Unit radio logs are available in both mobile and the dashboard. If your radio log is empty we will not display anything. If you are not a law agency and the unit is a law unit, we do not display the radio log.

Hydrant Tracking

  • If you have a hydrant layer in our system you'll be able to complete hydrant checks in iSpyFire. These checks will alter hydrant icons based on the status of the check. **

Nearest Hydrant

  • If you have a hydrant layer in our system we'll parse it for the nearest hydrant when calls come in. **

ERS interface (beta)

  • This is in beta for a couple select agencies. As we get closer to prime time for this we'll let users know.

Reporting (beta)

  • This is also in beta for a couple select agencies, it's just the beginning of what's coming.

Multiagency Sound Saving

  • If you work for multiple iSpyFire agencies you can now set different notification sounds for each.

Law and EMS Branding

  • Law and EMS agencies will now get a little logo love :)

** If we don't have a hydrant layer for you and you would like to do this let us know and we'll work on getting one from your dispatch center.