What are the differences between announcements and messages in iSpyFire.

All iSpyFire subscriptions have access to announcements. Announcements are sent to all iSpyFire users for your agency. If you are registered for notifications in iSpyMobile, you'll receive announcements as a push notification. If you are not registered for notifications but do have "send messages to cell phone" checked under My Settings on your Me page you'll receive an SMS text message of the announcement.

Announcements are designed to be a quick way to notify everyone in your agency of something. They can be sent from the dashboard or from within iSpyMobile.

iSpyFire Pro subscriptions have access to messages. Messages can be broken into different groups of users. For example, you could create an EMT group and send a reminder about an EMT specific training event to just your EMTs. Messages work just like announcements in that if you aren't registered for iSpyMobile notifications you can choose to receive them as a text message.

Here is a video that walks you step by step on how to create "Announcements" and "messages"

For more information on the "Inbox tab" see INBOX tab in iSpyFire