1. Notification registration status
    This section tells users a few things about their current state.

    The circle will be one of three colors:

    • Green: You are registered for push notifications
    • Yellow: Your status is currently changing
    • Red: You are not registered for push notifications

    If you are location tracking the background of this section will change:

    • Green: You are responding as an individual or apparatus en route to a call
    • Blue: You are an apparatus in AVL mode
  2. Entry to web application

  3. Options menu

  4. Logo

  5. Application status

  6. Show complete button - This button toggles showing completed calls, live calls always show

  7. Home section - This is your section, calls for your agency will be displayed up here

  8. List of home calls - Just your calls here

  9. Call nature

  10. Call location

  11. Call time

  12. Show map link - Quick link to the map for this call

  13. Others section - This is everyone else's section

  14. List of others calls - Other calls from your area
    Depending on your dispatch center's interface you may see all calls for your dispatch center here or just other calls from your dispatch center for agencies who are iSpyFire customers